We headed off to Phoenix. The drive from southern California was pretty uneventful other than 5 mile traffic jam on the other side of the highway (which till caused a good 30 minute delay for us because people wanted to slow down and see what was going on) and the last 40 minutes turned into pretty hard rain. We were told when we arrived in Phoenix it hadn’t rained in 3 months so that was a nice welcoming surprise.

We decided to park at Cabelas for the night so we took the kids inside to burn off some energy and look at the animals. After the kids decided that was enough, Aubrey and Matt left to walk and get Cracker Barrel which was across the parking lot. I don’t know if we should be embarrassed to admit it but we love Cracker Barrel. We just get chicken strips and a bunch of sides and they are all good and all four of us get stuffed with food for $20! Plus, they let you order online for pickup so we will usually grab it and eat in the comfort of our RV.

The next day was spent dropping the RV off to get serviced so we had Bruiser with all day. The next stop was dropping the car off to get serviced. Luckily they could get to it right away and they had a big grassy area behind the building for Aubrey to put on a dog show Bruiser. After that was done we went and hung out at McDonalds for two hours. Matt worked for an hour then played in the tunnels for an hour. We had the entire place to ourselves it was awesome.

Then it was time to pick up the RV and both kids fell asleep on the way. On the way home we decided to meet up with one of Matt’s friends from high school, Adam. We went to an awesome yogurt place . Aubrey got pistachio, salted caramel, chocolate, oatmeal raisin, and one with frosted animal crackers. I mention this because all the individual samples of these were delicious but when mixed together it turned into a mess that not even a 5 year old would eat.

Friday we went and Hiked Camelback Mountain. It was a great hike although we didn’t make it to the top. It was a moderately difficult hike with very uneven terrain and lots of rock you had to climb and use as steps. We made it about 3/4s of the way up when Aubrey decided it was time for lunch, and usually when that happens it means she is getting tired. Matt decided he didn’t want to carry her down from even higher up the mountain so we headed back down after lunch. When we were back at the bottom we headed for the RV that was getting its oil changed and then took it to the carwash. When we got back I made tacos and taco salads which Aubrey sat down and said “ So let’s talk about our day.” I loved it : )

Saturday Matt woke up and went to Starbucks again to work for a little bit and brought me back a coffee again! We went and ran a few errands one included Aubrey getting new shoes for her birthday. After running groceries back to the RV we went to the RV show that was right by us. We saw some pretty nice RVs that cost more than our house, it was crazy. When we were done looking at all of them we met my friend Brynn at the Perfect Pear Bistro. It was such a cute little place in downtown Tempe. The food was delicious, we didn’t take any boxes home which is rare.

Sunday was track day! We got up around 6:30am and headed for the track. Once we got there and checked in, I left with the kids to go to Walmart. Matt needed a timer for the day and I wanted to get shoes for Warren. While walking I took Aubrey down the Lego aisle just to see if they had a different one she wanted for her birthday and we almost got Ariel until she saw SNOWWHITE! She was so excited it was a smaller set but she didn’t care, she was so excited to have finally found a snow-white one. I honestly didn’t know if they made them or not since I had never found any.

We got back to the track and watched Matt ride a few laps before my friend Rachel came by to join us for the day. It was so fun hanging out and catching up, Aubrey even became friends with her pretty quickly.

All in all we spent five nights in Phoenix and we ended up spending all of them in Cabela’s parking lot! This was our first stop where we experienced sold out campsites, although it wasn’t so much that Phoenix is packed with people as much as the fact that 80% of the campsites in the area only allow people 55 years or older, don’t allow kids, and/or only allow dogs less than 25 lbs. So that was a pain but we learned to push our limits, saved a lot of money, and truly appreciated our showers at the next campsite! 


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