Our trip to San Diego. We were in Hollister and our next stop after San Diego is Joshua Tree so San Diego is a little out of the way but we heard it’s pretty cool so we decided to make the trip. On our way we stopped at our favorite place for fresh fruits and snacks, California Fruit Depot. This store is the coolest thing ever. We first stumbled upon it on our way into California. After we saw 3 consecutive signs advertising for it we decided to pull off and check it out and I am so glad we did. They have samples of all their products, which I think is a great strategy for them because we bought at least 5 extra items that we wouldn’t have purchased normally. I am addicted to their Chili Plantain chips (I actually just stopped typing now to grab them). The best part about this company is that they Ship! (Let me know if you want to order I’ll tell you what we bought and sampled).

We arrived at our campground safely and spent a good hour parking and setting up. Apparently because property is expensive in CA they have to pack everyone in like sardines and it took Matt about a 50 point turn to get the RV backed in. After we were settled we decided to go to the beach. We made a quick stop at the dollar tree for sand toys, they didn’t have any in stock yet so I got creative and got some drinking cups, measuring cups, and a colander, the kids loved it! Coronado Beach was beautiful, the sand looked like it had flecks of gold in it. This was caused by the sand containing bits of Mica.

Both kids had a blast playing around looking at seashells, and even finding a crab. Aubrey was brave enough to play in the cold water and Warren would run back and forth as the waves rolled in and out trying to avoid them.

After the beach we needed to stop and get some groceries quick. We were lucky enough to find an Aldi in the area! If you haven’t been to an Aldi yet you need to go. It is a no-nonsense discount grocery store that has ridiculously cheap products while still providing great value. We haven’t been to Aldi since we lived in Minnesota and it was a treat to get to go back. Matt even let me clear out a space under the RV to store my haul of goods.

The next day started off with us going to a large farmers market downtown. The first booth we bought something from was a local farm that was selling tangerine juice. The kids LOVED it, mainly Warren who has finally mastered the art of drinking out of a straw and was guzzling the juice. After we walked a little farther Matt had to run back and move the car since we were only in 15 min parking. The kids and I kept wondering and were able to find the location of the secret bathroom that the vendors use as well as meet atleast 15 dogs. The entire time we were at the farmers market Aubrey walked up to every dogs’ owner and asked what their dogs name was and if it was okay to pet them. Her favorite was a husky named Sky. Sky actually goes to hospitals to let kids pet her and we got to hear her say “I love you” which Aubrey thought was a really cool trick and wants to teach Bruiser now.

After we had shopped enough we started walking back to the car and came across a guy on the street corner playing music. Warren liked his music so much and was dancing in the carrier so I let him out to shake it for a bit. We drew in a crowd as Aubrey and Warren showed off their dance moves. When the song was finished we continued the walk to the car which I proceeded to walk passed, how did I manage to do that? It was because Matt actually traded our car for a Tesla that he rented for the day off of Turo. Side note, Turo is awesome. It is like an Airbnb for cars and you can rent regular cars for much cheaper than from rental companies or you can rent awesome cars (like a Tesla). I was so surprised, seriously my husband is the best at surprises. It was so much fun driving around in it and testing out its auto pilot feature. Aubrey loved going through turns with Matt’s hands off the wheel. I think we found our next car when this trip is done. After regrouping at the RV it was time to head to the beach once again, however today was a bit colder. We were able to convince Aubrey not to get all the way in and both kids played in the sand for a few hours until it was time to go back and swim in the pool. Warren took a long nap and Aubrey and I went swimming to pass the time. When we got back Matt asked if we wanted to go out to dinner and I told him as long as they have mac n cheese (per Aubrey’s request). We settled on a restaurant called Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern which is right in the bay next to all of the boats. Upon arrival we realized we forgot the diaper bag as well as the backup one we keep in the trunk since we were still in the Tesla. It all worked out though and we had a lovely dinner with an appetizer of the dueling dips (the queso was fantastic) and mac n cheese for the kids including a chocolate Sundae for dessert. Matt got a Cowboy burger that was huge and delicious, while I had the Sana Fe Caesar salad which I had to work so hard to eat because it was served as an entire head of romaine lettuce uncut with the chicken and other ingredients laid on top. Once I got it cut and mixed well it was really good I just wasn’t in the mood to work for it.

We walked around the area after dinner looking at the sail boats and the fountain until the kids were tired of running around. We made it home and we were all asleep before 9:00pm which felt amazing. 


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