We left Las Cruces and headed to Fort Stockton for the night to break up our drive to San Antonio. Along our way to Fort Stockton we made a stop at Carlsbad Cavern for a few hours. We took the elevator down 800 ft which wasn’t too scary, I am not a big fan of elevators. Luckily Matt had grabbed a few of our flashlights to bring with to help us all see more details. Once looking at the map we decided to do the Big room loop. There were so many amazing spots to stop and look at this natural beauty. Shout out to my father-in-law for giving us an awesome little flashlight before we left on this trip. It was crazy powerful so we were able to shine it down and see portions of the lower cave which is closed to the public to preserve its natural state, and we were able to get a good view of the never ending hole which actually ends at 150 ft. We were over ¾ done with the loop and Matt didn’t see Warren’s pacifier anymore, this was a big deal because this is our last one. Matt ran off with both flashlights and our only phone leaving me in the dark with two kids. He also didn’t tell me how far back he was going or how long I should wait for him. So as I am standing there with warren asleep on my back and Aubrey asking where did dad and go can we go home now. I decided to reach back and felt the pacifier safely in Warren’s hand. With no way to contact Matt besides yelling in the cave that I found the pacifier we started to walk back to try and find him to say we had it. We walked a good 10 minutes before finally finding Matt. At this point Aubrey was totally done so she was carried out the rest of the way on Matt’s back. We had to rush through the last ¼ mile because Matt’s arms were getting tired and he really had to pay. We finally made it to the end of the walk where there are bathrooms and a giftshop and there was a good open area for the kids to wake up and stretch. The elevator ride up was a little more terrifying since we had more people in than going down and it felt like it took a lot longer than before. Once we were safely at the RV I texted my sister who had a dream a week or two before that I died in a cave so she was freaking out the entire time and waiting for me to say we were back safely, so I basically cheated death! After that nice detour we were ready to hit the road and finish the remainder of our drive to Fort Stockton.


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