From Yosemite we decided to head toward the coast. Matt found a really cool fruit orchard called Casa De Fruita Orchard right outside Hollister, CA which also had an RV campground, so we decided to head that way. The trip began with a long day of driving through many winding roads and lots of California farm land. As we were driving we saw a few ostriches as well as a zebra, sadly Aubrey didn’t look out the window so she thinks I made it up.

When we got there we decided to explore right away. Online we saw that they have a train for kids to ride as well as a carousel for kids but sadly it is closed on the week days during winter months. We walked to a few playgrounds and let the kids play. Aubrey found an awesome slide and of course after Warren saw her come down flying a few times he insisted we also go so reluctantly I did. This thing was so fast and kind of shaky, I felt like my big butt was going to break it compared to Aubrey’s little 40-pound body going down and getting air at the bottom.

We walked over by the shops and spotted a few peacocks walking around that Warren loved following and there was also a pond with turtles. When a school bus filled with 30 or more kids showed up we decided to take our fun inside and buy some ice-cream bars and a few other souvenir snacks. After shopping there we wandered into the sandwich shop to get some lunch and relaxed back at the rv the remainder of the day to plan out San Francisco and play some games.


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