We left San Diego to head to Joshua Tree for a few days. The RV park we stayed out was right outside of Coachella and it was really cool! They had a pond, a swimming pool, and tons of fruit trees on property which you could pick from as much as you want. We got a nice end spot next to a big open field which was perfect for letting the dog and kids run loose. It was so great we even decided to put our awning out for the first time since starting this trip.

Once we were settled we got our swimsuits on and headed for the pool. Aubrey loved it and Warren had a lot of fun too before deciding he was cold and done. Matt took him back to the RV to get dressed while us girls kept swimming and practicing our cannonballs, star jumps, and Aubrey even made up a mermaid jump. When we were finally done swimming, we cleaned up and headed back to the RV and watched a movie with popcorn.

We woke up that night around 3am to change Warren’s diaper and looked out the window for whatever reason and saw that the awning had fallen from the wind and was banging into the side of the RV. We ran out in the dark to try and figure out how to fix it. This was a moderately difficult task since as I said before this was our first time using it we were trying to remember how to take it apart while its almost pitch black and the wind is blowing.

The next morning we double checked our awning work and then spent the rest of the day relaxing including facetiming some family and playing in the pool. The kids and I walked around the park picking lemons, oranges, and grapefruit while Matt got some work done. In total we picked 30 pieces of fruit and had delicious lemon water our entire stay and took some for the road as well. When we got back Warren went down for a nap so Aubrey and I went to the pool again. We played for over an hour then went back to get ready for the grocery store. Both kids fell asleep on the way there so I got to go in and do my shopping alone.

On following day we did a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park. The Joshua Trees are so unique and cool looking. We hiked Barker Dam Trail which was about a 1-mile loop. This was a fun trail for both kids to be able to walk with a good number of signs with information about the various plants we were seeing. We also were able to see some petroglyphs along the trail which Aubrey thought were really cool. When we were done with our hike we drove over to Hidden Valley picnic area to have lunch and let the kids and Matt climb around on some of the larger rocks. After lunch we drove to the next spot which was Keys View look out point. It was a great view of the entire park. Sadly both kids were exhausted so we decided to call it a day and skip the hike to the top of mount Ryan like we had planned since they both fell asleep before leaving Keys view parking lot. We did get to drive past Mount Ryan as well as Skull rock which were both really cool to look at.


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