We just left Rockport and are set to begin 3 days of dry camping. For those of you unfamiliar with RVing, this means we will be in parking lots or parks with no power or water hookups. I would normally think this is no problem since we have done it before for 5 days in a row but this time someone forgot to fill up our fresh water tanks (Matt), so this time it means we are camping with no power and no water!

Our first day of dry camping was to be spent in Austin, TX. While there we took a visit to Hamilton Pools. Hamilton pools is by permit only which is every easy to do online then an additional cash entrance fee. Once in the parking lot it is a quick quarter of a mile walk to get to the actual pool. When we got there Aubrey quickly ran to pick out life jackets while Warren tried to walk right in. I took one for the team and went into the chilly 55-degree water with Aubrey since I saw two other people go in. It was such a fun experience getting to swim there and it wasn’t busy at all, maybe 10 other people there which was probably due to how cold the water was and that it was a bit of an over cast day. Aubrey and I swam around for 10/ 15 minutes until I convinced her to go back and when we got out of the water is when we were really cold. But we got changed and walked around the rest of the pool before returning to the car. It is definitely a cool place to check out. I can only imagine how much nicer it must feel on a hot day but then I would also assume that you would have to share its tranquil escape with many others.

Our next day of dry camping wasn’t too exciting. We drove to the north side of Dallas and parked in Sherman Texas at a Cracker Barrel. We got to town too late in the day to check out the Bird refuge we had planned to go to so we went shopping at Sam’s Club and Kohl’s instead. Warren still had a Birthday gift card so we got him a few new sound books and some Melissa and Doug toys. If you haven’t checked Melissa and Doug out before I highly recommend them! Also when we were pulling into Sam’s Club I spotted a sign for Aldi and got way too excited again so I also got to shop there and stocked up on some of our favorite snacks and this time I even had a quarter to get a cart and man did I fill that cart.

Before leaving Sherman, TX to head to Durant, OK we wanted to check out the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. All the reviews said there were so many birds so I thought this would be great for the kids, especially since Warren loves birds right now and Aubrey just got a bird watching kit for Christmas. Sadly we found a lot more mud than we did birds. With more than 24 hours to go until we could shower Matt wasn’t the happiest when the gravel trail turned to mud and we had only seen one bird flying in the distance. We tried to go further but both kids quickly had mud all over and decided they wanted to be carried. We made them walk back out to the river to try and clean some of the mud off of our legs and shoes as to not totally trash the RV. The coolest part of the refuge was that one of the roads was actually flooded so we got to watch a handful of local trucks drive across to which Aubrey thought we should try in the Jetta but there was no way our little car would have made it across so they settled for just watching others.

With the refuge being a bust, we decided to go get some lunch. We grabbed Whataburger on the way home and their onion rings were amazing! Aubrey almost ate the Large order all on her own. With our bellies full we set off to Durant, OK to see the World’s largest peanut (not sure if it really is since Georgia claims to have the largest as well).


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  1. Brandi

    I’m still not adjusted to dry camping especially in very hot or very cold temps. I like the cool nights and mid 60-70 days. I’m trying to perfect my solar set up now to help with of setting the cost of the A/C and heat used during the day. Maybe upgrade a solar panel or add a generator. Always learning something new when I RV.