We left Mansfield around 11 after we cleaned the RV and the tanks and headed for Gonzalez. Once we arrived and parked at Cabelas we left for New Orleans for diner and to explore a little. We only went to dinner since traffic was so bad and Aubrey had to poop. There was a bad motorcycle accident on the way, causing the traffic delay, which was terrible how backed up it was and the road was a bridge over the waters so not very easy for the ambulance to get there. * Please be aware of motorcycles when driving and try to leave enough space for them when stopping, Matt rides and I know I am crazy aware and courteous to them.* 

We ate at the Parkway Bakery and Tavern. The restaurant itself was really cool you walked up to a window to order then they called you back up when it was ready on food court trays. It was very fast and wonderful service, I would definitely eat there again. The grilled cheese the kids got was AMAZING! We also ordered a fried shrimp po boy and a fried oyster  po boy. The fries and sweet potato fries were really good as well. The kids got cute hats with their meals and a root beer float for dessert which they thought was weird putting pop on ice cream but really good! 

Both kids fell asleep on the way back but we stopped into Cabellas quick to see the animals and fish tanks. We watched a turtle go up for air and another one that was 175 lbs float down and sit on a fish. When leaving Matt offered to hold the door open for an employee bringing in an electric scooter and the worker told Matt he could drive it in. He has never ridden on one before so this was the highlight of his day. ( It is really easy to make my husband happy) I still have never so I am looking forward to trying it sometime but don’t want to be injured to do it lol. 


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