Before leaving Durant we stopped to see what they claimed to be the worlds largest peanut. Warren was already asleep and ready for the drive to Hot Springs but I had to take a picture and as you can see by his face he was a little annoyed with me to say the least. The fact that it started sprinkling as soon as we hopped out of the RV didn’t help his attitude either. While we were driving through Arkansas there was flooding everywhere and on the roads in some areas which reminded us of the flood in Bismarck back in 2011. We saw quite a few playgrounds totally under except the top of a slide or the roof of a picnic shelter. It was also raining the entire drive. Apparently this was record rainfall since the 1800’s. (similar to the 100 year flood in Bismarck but that was due to the river , not rain fall)

We had a relaxing evening watching Kung Fu Panda and Aubrey finally got to make sticky popcorn treats (idea courtesy of “Creative Galaxy” on Amazon Prime) We also all took showers! Yay for being clean!

Fun fact the Bismarck flood is actually what started mine and Matt’s relationship. 


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