On our way to Mexico Beach we tried to do something fun in Alabama but didn’t find anything that we could easily park at. One of our attempts was for Gator Ally Boardwalk. It was right off the highway so I thought we could stop quickly and maybe see a gator or two. There wasn’t enough room for our RV in the parking lot so we were going to pull into the hotel parking lot instead for the quick visit. Unfortunately Matt turned into the motel instead of the hotel and we got stuck. We had to unload and reload the car and trailer just to turn around. During this 30 minute ordeal both kids fell asleep and we decided to just skip it and hit the road. So until next time Alabama.

When we arrived at Mexico Beach we put the slide out and took the car off so we could go see the beach for a few minutes. It was cold and a little windy but the sunset was really nice.

When we woke up the next morning we were ready for the beach fully dressed in sweatshirts and pants besides Aubrey who insisted on a swimsuit. I was able to convince her to stay out of the water besides her feet which was great so we could stay longer than the previous day. The water was very warm but the day was cool and windy otherwise this would have been my favorite beach so far. There were so many sea shells which I feel like are hard to find at beaches now and the sand was soft. It was a very enjoyable day walking the beach and playing soccer. After the beach we headed to Crazy Beach Pizza to grab some food to take home and it was delicious! We got the Guido pizza and cheese bread which were both delicious and gone in one sitting. Both kids were asleep before 8pm because of the busy day and Matt and I tied down the car in the dark in preparation for the early morning the next day.


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