Next stop was parking at Cabela’s in Gonzalez, Louisiana. We quickly unloaded the car and took off for New Orleans for dinner at Parkway Bakery & Tavern. We ordered the shrimp po’boy and the oyster po’boy which they only had on Wednesday, so we lucked out! We also ordered sweet potato fries and a grilled cheese for the kids. Everything was amazing. The grilled cheese was probably the best I’ve ever had. We ate it all gone except a few remaining fries which were finished after we arrived home. Once we got back to the parking lot where the RV was parked we went inside Cabela’s quick since it had really large aquarium tunnel that you can walk through. The kids were mesmerized by all the fish, while Matt and I thought the turtle swimming was really cool. It was a great way to end the night and get out the kids last bits of energy before bed.

We drove back into New Orleans for the day to explore the city, our first stop was at City Park. This park is a definite must see if you have kids or just want a beautiful place to stroll around in the morning. Warren loved watching all the ducks and swans swimming under the bridges and in the ponds. The playground was also a great size and good range of skills for various ages. The one downfall was Morning Call Café, we were so excited to get some Beignets but sadly they only accepted cash and we literally never have it on us. Our next stop was Jefferson square to walk around exploring and get some Beignets. When we arrived at Café Du Mond we sadly had to walk away again because they are cash only as well, I was beginning to think we would never get our Beignets. Matt called Café Beignet to make sure they accepted cards before we walked there and they did! The guy who answered sounded confused that Matt would even ask such an obvious question like that. With a refreshed sense of optimism we were skipping down the streets again on our way to get the “powdered doughnuts” as Aubrey would say. We ordered six and demolished every last one with no help from Warren aside from eating the powder sugar balls at the bottom of the container. We had to walk about 3 blocks back to the car which took us a good 30 minutes to an hour because Warren just couldn’t stop the urge to dance every time he saw a street performer. My favorite one was the guy Warren ran past and got 10 feet away before he started playing his violin and warren instantly froze in his stride and turned on his heel to head back to the music to dance again.

When we got back to Gonzalez we drove over to Walmart to park for the night and noticed a crazy amount of police activity and weren’t sure what to think until we got to Goodwill to look around. When we got there we learned that they had to shut down the streets in the area because there was a horror movie being filmed at the motel next door. We’re still not sure what it was called but we will let you know if we ever find out enough we’ll probably never watch it because horror movies just aren’t our thing.


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