If anyone checked out our story you would know that we took off from Colorado in an RV January 20th 2018 for an epic trip of the lower 48 states. I wanted to be good and blog about our adventure and help keep family in the loop but truth be told it was hard to do that. There was quite a few times where we didn’t have good wifi if any and I was more interested in spending time with family than working on a daily blog. I am a pretty private person and liked keeping to myself. However I am ready to share now. Since the start of the year Matt and I have been reading my personal journal entries and looking at Timehop memories of the trip. I thought now that we have consistent internet and a relatively normal routine I could share a more personal recap of what the trip was like.  

March 3, 2018 

We we went to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in Sherman , Texas. We used google maps to get there but went the wrong way and couldn’t get all the way there since the road was flooded so we took the loop back to the start. Once we were in the parking lot we decided to take a trail that started out as gravel but quickly turned to mud. Matt wasn’t too happy since we still had 24 hours of dry camping, which means we couldn’t shower! We didn’t make it much further before both kids and Bruiser were muddy. So we decided to turn around and walked to the river to wash our shoes and legs off. This “river” was where the road had flooded that we couldn’t drive across because we were in Matt’s VW Jetta. The kids and I did watch a few trucks drive across while we cleaned up waiting for Matt and Bruiser to come back with the car. As Matt pulled up near where the kids and I were sitting both of them got scared of the car, so much so that Warren got up and ran with no shoes on.  We thought we would see a lot of birds coming here but in reality we saw maybe 3, but it was good to get out and explore even though we got muddy. 

When we got back to the RV we grabbed Whataburger for lunch and Aubrey destroyed the onion rings. Seriously they are awesome! It was a great meal to eat while driving to Durant Oklahoma. We intended to stay in the Walmart parking lot but they recently switched rules and security so we moved over to the casino parking lot. We went in the back of the lot and did a few laps on the long board and bike before we were ready to call it a night.  However some yelling caught our attention and we saw a couple arguing about something and then he got in the truck and locked her out so she proceeded to jump in the bed and lay down as he drove away.  Then we went to bed lol. 

I told you this is about to be as real as it gets. A funny jog down memory lane for me, maybe weird or boring for you but that’s okay because it is my story. 

( See Dry camping in Texas for original post last year) 


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