It is crazy how sickness seems to repeat itself in our life. We are currently dealing with colds the same day one year later. 


We left Gonzales and has a quick 2 hour drive to Biloxi. We did nothing once we arrived since Aubrey had a fever and a cough. We did get her to play sequence with us and watch a new Planet Earth before bed. The Campground we are staying at is very entertaining since there are ducks everywhere. Warren loves sitting at the table looking out the window saying quack quack. Aubrey named two Joey and Jeremy after my sister’s pet ducks she had the previous summer. She also informed me one is 5 years old and the other is one just like her and Warren. 


Aubrey woke up at  6:30 for some medicine then back to bed and both kids slept till 8:30. When Matt got back from working that morning it was time for warren to nap so we just relaxed and talked about life until he woke up. When he did get up from his nap we went over to the playground where Matt had a little too much fun and skinned his knee on the slide. So we walked to Martin Lake and decided to try a paddle boat ride. It was really hard paddling for whatever reason , and Aubrey made me stop helping a few times so Matt really had to work to get us moving. When we were back on shore we went back to the RV for another quick nap because as Daniel Tiger says ” Rest is best” when you are sick.  Aubrey slept sitting up for over an hour haha. Once the kids woke up again we took off for the world’s largest rocking chair. It was 35 ft tall and built in 1995. One the way back we also stopped at Winn Dixie for milk.

On top of hitting his knee in the slide he fell off his long board while taking bruiser out for some exercise. Everything was going well until Bruiser decided to cut him off in hopes of getting closer to the ducks. They were everywhere so an injury seems inevitable in my mind


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