From Fort Stockton we traveled onto our first campsite of our visit to Texas which was in San Antonio. It was raining for most of the drive so it wasn’t a good start to our visit. When we checked into our site they told us that if we get a knock on our door in the middle of the night that we would need to evacuate the area because the creek could apparently flood if it kept raining. Well it came raining, almost all night. We woke up multiple times to the sound of rain, wondering when they were going to come knock on our door. Thankfully they never did and finally the rain stopped early AM. Once some of the rain dried we decided to head downtown to explore and do the river walk boat tour. When we arrived to purchase tickets we got suckered in to do a time share presentation through Wyndham which wasn’t too bad. We got some coffee and snacks out of the deal and Aubrey got to play in the daycare with other kids. At the end of the presentation we were given gifts of boat tickets (why we originally signed up), free horse and carriage ride, and a $50 gift card for dinner

We went on the boat ride and Warren loved looking out over the river and pointing at all the ducks along the way. Aubrey was more interested in finding different letters on the sides of buildings and bridges than listening to anything the tour guide was saying. When the tour was over we walked along and saw some really cool boats decorated to celebrate the Chinese new year. We then headed back up to the street to pick out our carriage. Aubrey had her heart set on a white horse and we found the only one working that day and his name was Doughboy. We all had a blast riding through the streets and waving at everyone. Aubrey had to burst my bubble and tell me I wasn’t a real princess but I could still have fun riding in the carriage like Cinderella. It was a great day walking around and exploring and is definitely a city I would love to come back for a weekend getaway. 


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