When we were in Texas we decided to head to the south and check out some of the beaches in the area. We found a really nice little campground in Rockport which is just outside of Corpus Christi. On the drive there it was crazy to see all of the destruction from the hurricane. There so many uninhabitable houses and the middle of the highways were filled with trash piles that were being sorted then hauled away by dump trucks. Despite all of the mess we encountered some of the nicest people on our trip while we were there. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and the community has really come together to rebuild the town. The first day there we mostly just explored, driving up and down the coast to see all of the work being done. The next two days were spent at Padre Island. Our first time there we only spent about 30 minutes or so because literally 2 minutes after setting foot on the beach it started to rain. We had the entire beach to ourselves though so naturally we all ran around like maniacs until we were properly soaked and cold. The second day was much more enjoyable. There were a few more people there we had to act a little more normal than the previous day but we spent the whole day playing. Bruiser loved running into the waves and splashing around with Aubrey. Warren tried to keep up with them but he is still very hesitant of the waves coming up to him so he still likes to run back and forth trying not to get wet. The sand at the beach was so nice and perfect for making sand castles, I think Aubrey and Matt made over 50, which Warren was happy to crush. At the end of the day we went for a nice long walk and enjoyed the sunset. Aubrey road her bike and Matt and Warren road the longboard. Warren loves getting to go for rides with Matt, and I think Matt likes it as well since I push him around when Warren rides with.


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