After spending a few days in Naples visiting family and exploring we were ready to head to the Keys. We got our loaded up and ready to go but did not make it very far. In fact, we did not make it out of the RV campground before we hit our first snag. We thought it would be good to drop off all of our recyclables on the way out since we wouldn’t be anywhere near recycling locations for awhile but we ended up getting stuck on the last narrow turn by the dumpsters and had to unload our car and trailer to make the turn!

After that hiccup though the drive went pretty quickly and pain free. When we arrived at Fiesta Key Resort we hooked up quickly so we could walk over and see the ocean for a while. The resort is on its own island basically and they had a pool, beach, a nice little waterfront restaurant, and a marina. We decided to check out the beach for a few minutes so the kids could play in the water. It was the tiniest beach ever and covered in seaweed, but we had it all to ourselves so instead of just walking away and looking for another place we decided to clean it up. Aubrey was probably the hardest worker out of us all making huge piles of seaweed and continuing to sort piles even after I told her it was clean enough. We also checked out the swimming area which was a ladder straight into 4 feet of ocean with some waves. It wasn’t the ideal setup for having young children at the ocean but they loved floating for a few minutes before dinner. The next day was spent playing at the campgrounds pool and playground. We didn’t try and find a new beach because it was just terribly windy and Matt had a lot of computer work to do. On our last day in the keys we spent all day at the beach! When we first arrived a wave of fish jumped out of the water and the birds were going crazy trying to catch what they could. Needless to say I was a little hesitant to go too far in since I didn’t know what was chasing them below the surface. My mind was a little at ease though from how clear the water was. We even saw a little jelly fish floating along. It was a great way to end our time in the Keys.


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