The plan was to drive from Phoenix to Las Cruces, however, there was really bad wind all day so we stopped halfway in Bowie AZ for the night. There was not much there other than the campground and a gas station with a convenience store. When we got there it was in the upper 60s but very windy and the whole campground was sand so it was a bit unpleasant. Aubrey and Matt left to shower and they were running with towels on their heads to prevent sand from going in their eyes. The wind had subsided but in its place there was snow! Luckily the ground was still warm and nothing was sticking. We packed up as quickly as we could and got on the road headed to Las Cruses.

When we arrived in Las Cruses we quickly set up the RV and extended the slide out. We hadn’t done this in over a week because we were dry camping so it was a real treat! The RV is so much bigger with the slide out extended and we can all move freely without running over each other. I then decided to give Bruiser a bath with the help of Aubrey because he smelt bad and probably hadn’t had a bath in a month. Aubrey thought it was funny when he would shake and get us all wet.

The next day we were off to go explore the white sands. When we first pulled into the park Aubrey started yelling look at all the snow!! We parked and decided to ditch our shoes since the sand was so soft. We picked Backcountry camping trail loop, which was 2.2 miles. Warren walked atleast half way and Aubrey ran up and down so many hills. We brought our nerf ball along and Matt used it to show the kids where the trail was ahead and how far they could run ahead; Aubrey probably ran an extra half mile during the hike just chasing the ball. The sand was so white and soft it was crazy cool to see all the ripples that the wind created in the sand. Surprisingly both kids kept their sunglasses on for a majority of the time which was good since the reflection was so intense. Also, I highly recommend packing sunscreen. I always keep a bottle in my diaper bag since living in Colorado because some days in the middle of winter you can feel how intense the sun is. This was the first place we went where bruiser would have been allowed everywhere with us as long as he was on a leash but we didn’t know this beforehand so he stayed home and kept watch over the RV. Both kids were totally exhausted and took great naps on the hour long drive back. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, painting pictures, and cleaning tanks to get ready for our drive to TX.


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