We went to New Orleans today and our first stop was City Park. Sadly Morning Call only takes cash so we had to wait to get our beignets. We did have fun looking at all the ducks and a swan Aubrey names Sally/ Sully depending on if it was a boy or girl. Aubrey almost got attacked by one it was following her and honking, I kept having flashes to all the videos I have seen of parents laughing as their child is being chased lol. The playground there was also very cool we ended up playing for over an hour, despite being really crowded with a school field trip. 

Next stop was Jefferson Square and Cafe Du Monde , but sadly they too only took cash so we had to continue our wait for beignets. We continued to walk around looking at all the street performers and store fronts until we arrived at Cafe Beignet. (334 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130)  We ordered 6 and they were DELICIOUS! Warren only ate the powder sugar on them but Aubrey ate 2 and 1/2. The best part was walking with Warren and he would hear a song start and freeze then start dancing I think people got as much enjoyment from the kids dance moves as they did the actual music. 

We moved from Cabelas to Walmart parking lot after hanging out in the city all day. Once settled we walked over to Goodwill and bought Judy Moody and Toothless to add to our movie collection for movie nights once we were done dry camping. We noticed a lot of police cars around the area and felt a bit sketched out until the cashier told us they were filming a movie there at the next door trailer park/ hotel. 

 We had Taco Bell for dinner and I got mad at Matt because he wouldn’t ask for light ice in my Baja. Haha 


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