We left Hot Springs today and saw even more flooding on our 4 hour drive to Mansfield.  When we arrived at the campground there was no one to ask where to go or a clearly marked office building. Then a woman appeared riding a lawnmower and told us to go park over there before she drove off again. Once we parked I set up the water and power lines then grabbed our laundry to walk to the “Washerium”. It was written on the side of the building which was a raised floor on cylinder blocks with three sides and a roof. Only two out of the eight machines didn’t have signs on them saying “Won’t Dry or Don’t work”.  I figured I would try since I carried the laundry over from the RV and across the mud that surrounded the washerium. When I opened the first lid a giant mosquito flew out of the machine. I wasn’t happy but didn’t look like there were any more so I started the laundry and headed back to tried to hand wash a load in the wonderful little machine my parents got me as a Christmas present for the trip. With laundry going we just relaxed the rest of the evening. Aubrey had a 10 minute emotional rollercoaster of wanting her jammies but not wanting me to wash her new purple dress, even though the laundry was done for the day. She kept crying saying ” I wore it before!” Eventually she put the purple dress back on and went to bed. 

If you know my daughter or have kids of your own then you know how crazy they can be about wearing the same thing over and over and over. Till you finally just have to steal it to wash it or buy it in the next size when they are starting to outgrow the current size. If anyone has found a simple fun way to wash clothes without meltdowns waiting for them to dry that would be cool to share. Until then probably buy clothes that could be favorites as if you have twins. I say could be favorites because you never know what those tiny dictators are going to cling to.  It may be the ratty dress up from when you were a kid, if it is just know I have been there too. 


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