Today we drove to downtown Hot Springs to check out the National Park. We did a quick hike up and down and decided not to climb the tower since it was as much money as the alligator zoo (and obviously who doesn’t want to go to an alligator zoo). The park was pretty cool since you could either hike to the top on a few trails or drive a car on a switch back road to the tower. When we were back at the bottom we hung out in a small park for a bit to let Warren run then headed for the Alligator farm.  The park was adorable with a little water feature as well as live music events on different nights which would be a perfect way to end a night downtown if it would have been on the right day of the week for us. I would definitely check whats going on next time we visit. 

The Alligator farm, didn’t look like much from the outside and wasn’t very elaborate inside either but them memories were 100% worth it! Upon entering we were handed a few pieces of bread so we could feed the sheep, goats, and donkeys. We were only allowed in with the goats though because one of the sheep had just had a baby that morning. The goats had their three surprise babies a week and two weeks earlier. That was one of the babies Aubrey was holding and she was thrilled. She loves goats especially white ones thanks to our many visits to the Colorado Springs zoo to visit Mozzarella, and Cotija along with all the others we didn’t like as much. Once we finally got Aubrey to leave the goats we went into the Alligator house where there were so many gators! Not only were there alot but the only thing between us and them was chicken wire fence! All the big ones were in hibernation though and moving very slow if at all. While the little ones which were actually 3- 5 years old were still moving around a bit. Matt and I each got to hold one which was not what I was expecting at all. Aubrey passed on holding one and decided instead to feed them hot dogs on a stick (because alligators love hot dogs), how many 5 year olds could say they fed an alligator. When we went back outside we saw the mountain lion, monkeys, wolves, ducks, turkeys, and peacocks that they also had. We had to say bye to the goats one last time as well before leaving. 

After leaving the “zoo” we stopped at Walmart for a few things then home to the RV. We played at the playground at the campground where Warren loved going down the slide and Aubrey was testing out the monkey bars. She doesn’t have much experience with them so she fell off and landed on her butt pretty hard. So to comfort her we watched Monsters vs Aliens and had popcorn in bed. Warren also knew which RV to run back to when we suggested going home for dinner and took off. 

( P.S. I totally did the Turtle Man call leaving the gator zoo “yee yee yeee”) 


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