Today we decided to go check out Yosemite National Park. With our snack bag and diaper bag packed and our hiking boots on we were ready to go. The roads to get to this park are very entertaining, lots of elevation gain and a ton of winding road on the edge of cliffs, but Matt enjoyed it! Upon arrival at the park we entered through a handful of tunnels both kids were mesmerized by, one of them took about 2 minutes to drive through all the way and the inside was left as rock, no cement walls, which was really cool! At our first stop we were able to get a great view of the whole valley including El Capitan and Half Dome.

After snapping a few pictures and driving through the tunnels a few more times (per the children’s request) we headed for the shuttle bus. The park encourages you to use their free hybrid shuttle to help reduce the carbon footprint in the park as well as various recycling stations and its really convenient to use.

We arrived out our stop, number 16, Mist Trail. I read about it in my book and the guide recommended it when we arrived. I thought this hike would be super easy since it’s only a mile and a half out. It was a fairly easy trail to hike although there was a ton of elevation gain and the last 1/3 of it was quite steep and strenuous. Aubrey asked Matt to count. He counted over 300 but definitely missed a lot. About half way from the bridge to the top of the falls we decided we had to stop for our peanut butter sandwiches “to get more energy” as Aubrey says. It was such a nice little break and a great view of the waterfall to enjoy for a while. The last couple hundred yards are pretty extreme and you pretty much walk through part of the waterfall (hence the reason Mist Trail), but luckily for us it was winter the flow coming down over the trail is somewhat limited. The view from the top was beautiful and we were able to see for miles.

After our nice long hike the kids were worn out but still wanted to stop to look at Yosemite Falls, the largest waterfall in America. It was a nice quick stop, only about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot. The view was truly remarkable you could only see the entire thing from far away because it is so huge.

Overall our day at the park was amazing, even though we got lost by 10 miles on our way home. we want to go back and make it to Nevada Falls which was recommended to us by several people on the shuttle saying it was a must see.


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