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Mario Cart Tours????  WHAAAAT?!

Did you know that if you visit Japan, you can arrange a tour using carts designed after the famous Mario Brothers games?  That’s right.  Dress like your favorite character as you tour Tokyo.  Go here for more info. 

Colorado Snowfall

I began taking pictures of snowflakes completely by happenstance. A perfect flake landed on the lapel of my husbands overcoat. I loved the way it came out so much, that I decided to start snapping pics when it snowed. Every snowfall brings new experiences, and different types of flakes. I discover new and different ways…

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona. Hot and beautiful. Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Bell Rock or shop and/or dine at Tlaquepaque. Admire the wild life. The beauty & splendor is really something to behold.  

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Miraculous Staircase, said to have been built without any nails, only wooden pegs support the 360 degree spirals leading to the choir loft.  The wood used to build this staircase is still yet to be identified. The railings where added at a much later date for safety reasons.This beautiful work is something to behold. It…

San Antonio, TX.

The River-walk, San Antonio, TX I spent a long weekend in San Antonio, at the River-walk. We had a nice meal along the river, and then visited the Alamo. We then visited the Chart House, a revolving restaurant, 750 feet above the city of San Antonio,Texas in the Tower of the Americas.

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